If your child is enrolled for Summer Camp, be sure to choose their activities in CampMinder!


Packing for Camp


Bed cubbies (2)

33"L x 17"W x 14"H

Each camper has two built-in cubbies beside their bed! Camp provides a large tub for each cubby:

  • (1) for clothes

  • (1) for towels, books, etc.

As campers arrive in their cabins, they unpack their belongings. Some parents purchase 54 Qt. Sterilite tubs and arrive at camp all ready to go. The choice is yours.


Hygiene Cubby (1)

12"L x 10"W x 11"H

This cubby is also built-in, but is separate from the bunk beds. It is located right across from the bathroom for your camper's toiletry items.

Camp Prep.jpg

Packing list!

Please pay careful attention to this list, both suggested items, as well as items that are NOT allowed at camp.




Your child’s safety is of utmost importance to us at Charis Hills. The medical needs of campers are attended to by trained staff who possess the credentials needed to meet their needs at camp. Our well-stocked infirmary will take care of most daily needs. 

All medication is kept as well as administered from the Infirmary. No prescription or over-the-counter medication is ever kept in the cabins. All medication is entered in the Camper’s Health History by the parent. Parents are also asked to complete the Medication Administration Form for each medication, vitamin or supplement that is to be taken while at camp. A form must be completed for each one. All medication is to be brought to camp in the original prescription bottle or container. Medications are brought to the campers by the camp’s Infirmary Staff unless a treatment is required to be administered in the Infirmary itself. 

All Infirmary Staff as well as Counselors carry radios. If a camper is in need of the camp nurse, communication enables quick response.



If your child is enrolled for Summer Camp, be sure to complete their Health History and Camp Physical forms in CampMinder!



Terms and Conditions

Click on the link below to download our Terms and Conditions which include:

  • Parental Contact with Campers

  • Camper Contact with Parents

  • Staff Contact with Parents

  • Reasons a Child Will Be Sent Home

  • Camper Illness

  • Refunds


Driving in?


We will need you to provide the following:

  • $150 fee each way

  • A copy of the eTicket itinerary

  • Your camper's return ticket (please leave this at check-in if they will fly home)

  • Notice if traveling as an unaccompanied minor

We ask that your camper's flight schedule follow these guidelines:

  • Arrival around 12:00-1:00 PM

  • Departure around 2:00 PM

We pick up campers from:

  • DFW Airport - Currently an hour away, but the roads are under construction so we are allowing additional travel time.

  • Dallas Love - Currently 1 1/2 hours away.

We typically, add an hour of travel to the above mentioned times, just to be safe. We can provide the name of the staff member taking/picking up your camper as well as send you a copy of their Texas Driver's license.  Depending on the airline, our staff are sometimes allowed to go beyond security to take your camper to the gate and wait with him until his flight leaves. You will need to arrange this at the time of ticket purchase. Southwest airlines, which flies into Dallas Love, does a great job with our campers.  A SW employee will take the camper from the ticket counter and get him on the plane upon arrival/pickup, and will meet the parent/designated camp employee. 

Flying in?


Contacting Your Camper

Mail and email are great ways to reach your camper, and you are encouraged by our staff to use these channels. Contact from parents and relatives eases the possibility of homesickness.



Send snail mail, this is a great way to reach your camper! You can bring mail to be passed out during your child’s stay.

498 Faulkner Rd
Sunset, TX 76720 



Feel free to email your camper at the address below. Put your child's name in the subject line. You may also click the green button and send it here. We will print the message at lunch and deliver it in person.


NO Phone

Please note that campers will NOT have the opportunity to take or make phone calls during the camp session. Parents concerned about their camper can call 940-964-2145 and speak to our staff, or email our Camp Director at






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